Shola Adewumi is a fearless leader and multi-talented creative. Motivational speaker, role model, serial entrepreneur and mentor are just a few of the hats she wears. Shola believes in not only the power of intent, but also the power of follow through. She doesn’t just talk the talk, but walks the walk, believing that those who desire to see societal change must put in the work to see change come to fruition. Out of Shola’s desire to be the change she wanted to see, School Mum was born.

When asked why she likes to work with young people, and why now, Shola’s response is: “Why not? It’s never too late especially when you start them young!, I believe that it is my divine purpose to help young people navigate one of the most essential stages of their lives: young adulthood.” Young adulthood is a stage where many of the decisions young people make impact their lives presently and hugely later on. Shola has a desire to ensure that young people set their lives up well while young for greater future success. With over a decade of experience as a youth mentor, Shola is just the perfect person to carry the message of hope and wisdom to young people in secondary schools everywhere.

Before School Mum, Shola worked for over a decade as a successful entrepreneur and project manager, supervising hundreds of people during her tenure and directing/managing several creative projects. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication with a Minor in English from Howard University.

Shola’s hard work, entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills have served her well in all of her endeavors. She has won several awards, given several invited talks and impacted the lives of thousands of students in Lagos, Nigeria.

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