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School Mum Ltd was established in 2013 but was formerly called THE SONA PROJECT, it was personally named after our founder.

Over the years while carrying out her duties as a social reformer and youth mentor, a mission and vision was created to impact and empower students through nurture and guidance. By visiting various secondary schools, having meaningful talk sessions and conversations with the youth on how to build a positive lifestyle of good leadership that will aid in their general development, the name and title SCHOOL MUM came into existence.


School Mum Ltd is a social enterprise that seeks to provide guidance, counsel and empowerment to secondary school students/youth through mentorship and leadership development training.


School Mum Ltd envisions a Nigeria where all youth develop to their full potential, are civically minded, politically engaged, and are positioned to raise the next generation of world leaders.


Nigeria has one of the youngest populations in the world, with millions of children aged 12-16 currently in the secondary school system. Many of these students are without guidance, and fend for themselves as it relates to making choices about relationships, school, career, and the like. If these young people have access to sound counsel and accountability, they are more likely to make good and wise decisions. But many of these young people are without mentorship, guidance and are forced to figure out the road to healthy relationships, thriving careers and good hygiene/health all by themselves. As a result, many of these young people don’t live up to their potential.

Remember your experience in secondary school? What was it like? Do you have fond memories, or is it a time you would rather forget? Did you make decisions you weren’t proud of? Were there mentors to hold your hands along the way?

Enter School Mum Ltd. School Mum Ltd is a social enterprise that was established in 2016 with the expressed purpose of reaching out to students and guiding them through life. School Mum Ltd seeks to help young people understand and activate the power of positive thinking and a growth mindset. Young people in secondary school encounter decisions daily that can impact the rest of their lives. School Mum Ltd seeks to help young people make good choices so they can achieve their highest potential.


Although School Mum Ltd is a social enterprise, we are in the business of making a powerful and positive social impact on the community. We invest time, money and resources into secondary school/youth through providing leadership training and mentorship in the form of workshops and forums. In these venues, School Mum Ltd is able to address key issues affecting this population, and spread a message of hope, ambition and the importance of having vision. It is important that our youth are equipped with the skills to build a brighter future and a better tomorrow. Due to the above, our mission and vision, we commit 50% of the profit from our events, services and products to helping secondary school youth in Nigeria.

The topics that School Mum Ltd historically and currently addresses include:

  • Self Esteem and Self-Worth
  • How to Choose Friendships
  • How to Be a Good Leader
  • Navigating Peer Pressure
  • Avoiding Toxic Relationships
  • Forms of Maturity and Making Healthy Choices
  • Best Ways to Predict A Successful Future
  • The Importance of Education and much, much more…

Volunteer With Us

Join School Mum as we Guide lives and Nurture them


Our target population are secondary school students (JSS3,SS1-SS3) and youths that live in under-resourced environments and lack access to mentorship, accountability and nurture. Many of these students are gifted, talented and creative, yet they don’t have nurturers to help them develop their talents, capabilities and leadership potential.





“Thanks and God bless. Several students were recipients of the goodies from school mum. They were all full of gratitude and declared they’ll be worthy school daughters to a fantastic School Mum. My principal expresses her immense gratitude as well and prayed God to strengthen you more as you continue to affect the lives of these young ones in Jesus name”.

Mrs Aduba


I thank Shola Adewumi, our school mum for her kind gesture to us. I enjoyed all the lucozade, Caprisone and the branded Biro. May God bless her in Jesus name

Anna Ifunanya


I’m grateful to School Mum for all she’s been doing for us her school daughters. She has been blessing us with a lot of goodies since I was in SS1. Her speeches always inspires us to be good girls and better citizens. God bless you school mum.

Johnfinly Ugochi


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